The latest sign of the apocalypse comes from Murfreesboro, Tenn., where at least one report is claiming that, according to officials with the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, two high school girls basketball teams both intentionally tried to lose a game against one another.

Smyrna High School played Riverdale High School in a playoff consolation game this past weekend, and apparently a referee knew something was up from the first tip. According to Bernard Childress, executive director of the TSSAA, the ref reported that, wait for it, players were being coached to shoot at their opponent’s basket. What??

In addition, both teams intentionally lost possession, were guilty of slow play, and appeared to miss free throws on purpose.

The reason behind the alleged farce? Neither team wanted to play top-ranked Blackman High School in the regional semifinal. Well, in that case, this makes perfect sense. Blame the format, not the kids, coaches, or schools, right?

Wrong. Each school will be fined $1,500, banned from the postseason, and will stay on probation through the next school year. Action is expected to be taken with both coaches.

We can’t even deal anymore.

[via WSMVTV]