Why do we love music? Is it just an escape from our otherwise regimented lives? Is it the excuse it gives us to grind up on horny strangers in a dark room? Is it because it provides the necessary confidence boost to tell triflin' people "I don't fuck with you"?

Personally, I believe music is universally loved because it can tell a story. Whether you're reminiscing or "fighting" or bragging about your baff-tubs lifting up/walls doing a 360, music gives us the ability to tell our story to the masses. To build a narrative around who we are and the experiences we've shared.

Especially, you know, when you create playlists that read like complete sentences.

To that end we've put together 30 different stories, one for each NBA team. Whether your favorite squad is getting buckets at will or hitching a ride on the struggle bus, you'll want to check out The Definitive Spotify Playlist For Every NBA Team. It's their stories, people. Not ours.