Basketball players miss shots at the end of games and cause their teams to lose all the time. It's a part of the game and, if you've spent any time playing basketball competitively, there's a good chance that you've been a part of one of those shots. But the missed shot in the clip above is way different than any missed shot that you've ever seen.

The shot attempt was taken at the end of a middle school basketball game in Kansas recently. With just a few seconds remaining on the clock and his team trailing by one point, a guard for the Rock Creek Mustangs drove down the line, threw up a shot, and watched as it bounced around the rim. It stayed there…and stayed there…and stayed there…and then stayed there some more. It stayed there so long that, eventually, it stopped moving on the rim, and it became clear that the ball wasn't going to come down. The horn sounded to end the game and, unfortunately, the game's referees were forced to award the win to the other team, the Riley County Falcons. It was a heartbreaking moment for Rock Creek.

See for yourself in the clip above. What a terrible way to take an L.

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