About an hour ago, the University of Kentucky almost had their perfect season de-railed by an upset-minded LSU squad, eventually prevailing 71-69.

Wildcats freshman forward Karl-Anthony Towns played a huge part in the victory, recording a double double (12 points/13 boards), but also had a crucial second-half technical for hanging onto the rim after a dunk. That transgression put him on the business end of a John Calipari tongue lashing, perfectly captured in the photo above. The 'Cats were up by eight at the time, which was a lead that steadily eroded, eventually becoming a deficit, before UK finally woke up and narrowly pulled one out in Baton Rouge.

After the game, during an interview with ESPN, Calipari was condemning the frosh's boneheaded move when Towns just sort of went Norman Bates on all the viewers and slid into the shot:

If you see his minutes drop against South Carolina on Saturday, now you know why.

[via Vine]

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