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James Dolan isn't good at doing a lot of things. For example, he's not good at:

  1. Running sports organizations
  2. Interacting with fans
  3. Recording music
  4. Dealing with former players
  5. Staying awake during games

The list goes on and on and on (just ask a Knicks fan). But today, he added a new item to that list when he revealed that he's not very good at coming up with percentages for things. He was asked how much faith he has in Knicks team president Phil Jackson. And rather than saying "100 percent" or the cliché "110 percent," Dolan really tried to sell it by taking it all the way up to…

190 percent?! Wow! He must be feeling really confident. Then again, Dolan is the same guy who once compared Jackson to Albert Einstein:

So maybe we should all just stop relying on Dolan to critique Jackson? He's obviously not very good at doing that, either.

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[via @IanBegley]