Just about everything that Floyd Mayweather posts on Instagram features him stunting on the world. Whether he's posting a video of him counting a million dollars (which he's done on numerous occasions now) or posting a photo of him and his cars, the guy always bring his A-game when it comes to IG. So when we saw that he posted a couple clips of him playing basketball last night, we thought, "Here we go. Get ready to see Mayweather crossing dudes over and hoisting 35-foot three-pointers like Russell Westbrook!" But then, we pressed play on the first video and, well, just watch:

Pregame jumpers? Hmmm…That's not exactly what we were expecting. But maybe he was just getting warmed up. Surely the second clip was going to have some heat on it. After all, Mayweather spent Tuesday night playing ball with Chris Brown at Terminal 23 in New York City, and there's no way he walked out of there without one or two impressive highlights, right? Er, right?!

Layups? Bank shots? Mid-range jumpers? WHAT IS THIS, FLOYD? We knew you were a tactician in the boxing ring. But who knew you'd be Mr. Fundamental on the basketball court, too?

Oh well. You're a boxer, not a ballplayer, so we guess it doesn't really matter. But these most definitely weren't your finest IG moments.

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[via @floydmayweather]