Typically, reporters are the ones asking DeMarcus Cousins the questions when they stand in front of his locker after Kings games. But last night, Cousins—who was not happy at the time—posed a question to the members of the media. The question: "How you gonna stop God's plan?"

Unfortunately, no one had an answer for Cousins. So he continued to ask the question over and over and over again (five times total!) before saying, "I'm out," after about 45 seconds. And why did he do it? Well, the thought seems to be that Cousins isn't happy with the way that some reporters are speculating about his role in Sacramento's plan to hire George Karl as their next coach. The rumor is that he doesn't want Karl as his coach. But because he didn't say much here, we can't say with any certainty that that was what he was upset about.

Either way, this was an A+ rant on his part. And if not for a guy named Kanye West, this definitely would have been the rant of the night. Oh, and for what it's worth, it came after a win over the Suns that ended with Cousins hitting a buzzer beater! So can you even imagine how this would have gone if not for that? Errr...

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[via The Big Lead]