Andrew Bynum spent only one year with the Philadelphia 76ers, but maaaaan, that was a magical time. From his hair-raising hairstyle experiments to trashing the condo he rented while "playing" with Philly to carrying around a huge stuffed tiger while doing his Christmas shopping in the mall to having the bar go up on Tuesday with slippers onBynum gave us plenty of memorable moments. None of which had anything to do with the game of basketball.

Now, even though we're now nearly two years removed from Bynum's sad departure from the 76ers, the great stories just keep trickling in. ESPN published their story on the Sixers and how their general manager Sam Hinkie has been working towards rebuilding the team for the future. While discussing Bynum, this amazing story came to light. 

Their would-be star was a hazardous fit -- sometimes even literally. One day, memorably, the rehabbing big man parked next to Aaron Barzilai, DiLeo's newly hired director of basketball analytics, in the parking lot of the team facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As Bynum shuffled inside, Barzilai noticed something on their would-be star's custom black Ferrari and called after him. Bynum, it turned out, had driven away from a gas station without removing the pump's nozzle and eight-
foot rubber hose, which he'd dragged, pythonlike, through the street.

Wow. Classic Bynum! 

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