We really love this country. Only in America could a local government official show such an abuse of power in the name of a NFL game. Okay, it is the NFC Championship, but still.

According to a report, the city manager of Washington State’s Bainbridge Island has ordered that  “the possession of and/or consumption of cheese or cheese flavored products shall be banned in Bainbridge Island City Hall on Friday, January 16, 2015.”

To go along with this nonsense, the city manager is also invoking “Blue Friday,” where “all executive branch departments and divisions of the Local Government shall authorize employees to celebrate Blue Friday on each Friday prior to any games of the Seattle Seahawks by wearing Seahawks jerseys, logo gear, team colors and gathering at lunch or breaks for tailgating type foods and non-alcoholic beverages.”

Packers = cheese. We get it, but seriously?

[via Yahoo Sports]

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