The media's war against Marshawn Lynch continued today after Beast Mode's second round of Super Bowl interviews, when the Seattle Seahawks running back repeatedly answered a throng of self-righteous beat reporters with the simple reply: "You know why I'm here." 

For what it's worth, he's right. By now, every single reporter asking Lynch a question is essentially taunting him. They know he won't answer any of their questions. Why bother asking? What point are they trying to prove? After all, they know why he's here.

However, according to ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, letting Lynch off the hook too easily excuses Beast Mode from his obligations as a working, American citizen. And, dammit, we need to get angry about it! 

Today, during The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM, Smith did his best to incite the masses into a feverish rage, as he characterized Lynch's behavior as "disgraceful and embarrassing." 

Foaming at the mouth, Smith's criticism eventually devolved into a diatribe against Josh Gordon and weed and Johnny Manziel and our country's crumbling moral foundation or something. Apparently, our willingness to give Lynch a pass means that Johnny Manziel should be allowed to drive drunk?

Look, even if you can make sense of the argument, it's a very stupid one. Smith talks a lot about "precedent" and the "future generations" (because think of the children!) and bunch of other garbage that isn't worth your time. 

Of course, Smith isn't the only sports reporter popping a vein right now. 

And let's not forget about this guy, either.

tl;dr: Marshawn Lynch is killing America. 

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