Mia Khalifa is really enjoying a moment right now, eh? Aside from the fact that she's currently the most popular adult film star on Pornhub, she's also made headlines for several other reasons this month.

First, she made them for receiving a ton of death threats from her native Lebanon due to all of her success. Then, she made them for revealing that Drake tried to slide into her DMs on Twitter recently. And now, she's making them for actively trying to recruit football players to play for Florida State next season.

It all started back on January 15 when Khalifa—who began referring to herself as the "Unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles" last season—put together a video to try and entice Braxton Miller to transfer from Ohio State to FSU for next season. She made a very compelling argument and put it on YouTube:

And she didn't stop there. Earlier today, she also exchanged tweets with Iman Marshall, a five-star recruit who is rated the No. 1 cornerback in the Class of 2015 and trying to decide where to play next season. He recently announced that he has narrowed his decision down to six schools, including FSU, with this super dramatic video:

And Khalifa is doing everything in her power to try and convince him to go to FSU. She even brought up the idea of posting "recruiting videos" to her website during her brief exchange with Marshall on Twitter:

Will her recruiting style ultimately pay off? We shall see. So far, she hasn't convinced any players to actually attend FSU. But if she does, FSU fans will love her even more than they already do.

[via Barstool Sports]

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