ESPN commentator Dick Vitale doesn't like the way that Kentucky head coach John Calipari has handled his Wildcats team this season. Calipari has so much talent on his roster right now that, during games, he has to split his team into two "platoons" in order to find playing time for everyone. And Dickie V doesn't think that style of making substitutions is going to work for Kentucky when they play quality opponents. So he has been critical of Coach Cal's platoon system.

Last night, Calipari fired back at Vitale by taking a shot at him during a halftime interview in the middle of Kentucky's game against Missouri. He pointed out that he likes the platoon system that he has in place before reminding everyone that Vitale had his fair share of struggles back during his coaching days.

"I went back to full platoons," he said. "Five on five. Five in, five out. It hasn't hurt our rhythm. I know Dickie V—who got fired as a coach by the way—is talking about rhythm. It hasn't hurt our rhythm. What it does is it adds energy. And the guys on the bench know when they're going in, so they're ready."

What do you think about Coach Cal taking a shot at Dickie V? Petty or nah?

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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