Prior to the 2014 MLB season, former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter announced his intentions to step away from the game at the end of the year, setting up a season-long retirement party in the process, as players and fans alike took the opportunity to say their goodbyes to one of the game's all-time greats.

But the legend of Jeter lives on. The multi-millionaire bachelor, whose exploits with women of varying levels of celebrity have been well-documented, earned a reputation for this womanizing ways while wearing the pinstripes. In particular, Jeter was notorious for his alleged "gift baskets", assortments of signed memorabilia that Jeter would give away to his one-night stands. 

Jeter has since denied the rumor, but that didn't stop one San Francisco Craigslist user from posting a "Derek Jeter Sex Parting Gift basket" anyway, offering the treasured basket for $1950. 

Per Uproxx, the ad stated: 

It’s common knowledge that women get a basket full of gifts as a thank you for making love to Derek Jeter but I’ve never seen these baskets available as a collectable. I’m ready to part with mine. Derek was giving and generous and I’ve charished this basket for more than a decade. After I removed all the luxury items it’s been used to hold towels and fresh rolls of toilet paper.

This item is sold as is where is. I don’t have a c.o.a. but can describe every inch of Derek as a way of proof if needed.

The item, however, has since been removed. Was it fake, or did the basket simply sell that quickly? Either way, yeah, Jeets!

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