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It was obviously an emotional night for any New York Yankees and/or Derek Jeter fan. But could you imagine what it was like to actually be Jeter? Following tonight's poetic finish to The Captain's career in the Bronx, we got a glimpse into Jeets' psyche in the weeks leading up to his final game in pinstripes and what he was feeling at that very moment. 

While it was tough for him to process his emotions at the time,as evidenced by Jeter's confession, saying, "To be honest with you, I don’t know how I played this game,” he said. “I went up to my first at-bat, I forgot my elbow guard. I was throwing balls away. I was giving signs to (Stephen) Drew at second base when there was no one on base. I was all messed up. Still, Jeets remained the consummate professional and an overall class act. 

[via For The Win]