At this point, you'd think that Charles Barkley would be used to people making fun of the fact that he never won an NBA title during his career. It's the one knock against him and the one thing that he's probably reminded about on a daily basis. But that didn't stop him from getting testy last night after Gabrielle Union reminded him, once again, that he never won a ring.

Gabby took to Twitter to address the Chuckster after watching him making an argument about how Dwyane Wade shouldn't have been named an NBA All-Star this season. She responded to his argument with this:

And Barkley didn't take too kindly to it. He ripped her acting skills, suggested that she should have been featured in Snakes on a Plane or one of the Madea movies, and then caught a lot of flack from Kenny Smith for taking Gabby's tweet to heart. Watch him go off in the clip above. Funny stuff.

[via YouTube]

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