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Tracy McGrady's NBA career is most likely over. He's been out of the league since last year when he spent some time with the Spurs. And at 35, it's pretty clear that T-Mac's best days are well behind him.

But despite this, he's not ready to say that he's 100 percent finished with the NBA. In a new Bleacher Report profile—which is really well designed—McGrady reveals that he still has something left in the tank and wouldn't mind spending a little bit more time out on the basketball court.

"The thing is, I can still go, man," he told BR. "My body is still in shape. I can go. It's about opportunity, though."

McGrady also says he would most want to play for the Lakers right now. He spent this past summer working out with Kobe Bryant and would love to play alongside him.

"This Kobe," he said, "I could play with him."

At this point, we wouldn't count on anyone—including the Lakers—giving T-Mac a chance. Throughout the BR piece, writer Les Carpenter emphasizes the fact that McGrady still puts in a lot of work on the court and is ready to make a comeback at any time. But it seems unlikely that anyone would want a 35-year-old who hasn't played in the league in more than a year to join their team.

Don't let that stop you from reading BR's great piece on McGrady here, though. Even if the basketball thing is over, it sounds like the former NBA star has a few other ideas that he'd like to pursue in the coming years.

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