I know what you?re thinking. Or, what you thought, at least. You thought LeBron?s return to Miami as a Cleveland Cavalier on Christmas day was going to be cataclysmic. Like a movie star who?s been on a roll with their appearances, then shows up in a bomb-ass trailer, like, two and a half years before the movie drops. You thought the anticipation would be deadly. But then, as the release date got closer, said actor has a couple shitty lead roles, gets caught on TMZ saying something ratchet and incoherent and suddenly instead of pre-ordering tix for an IMAX theatre you?re thinking, ?I?ll catch it on Netflix.?

That?s the general feeling for tomorrow?s game and LeBron?s first return to Miami. You know, the team he vowed he?d win not one, not two, no...oh, you?ve heard this one? My bad. Anyways, the game might could suck. So what?s the best way to make it somewhat interesting as you?re trying to set-up your electronically-challenged dad?s iPhone for him? Hit up your local bookie and start taking odds on some outlandish shit that could or could not happen during Bron Bron?s return to Miami. It?ll at least get you paying attention a little more.