There’ve been very few pure scorers to come into the NBA who were greater at putting the ball in the hoop better than Bernard King. His incredible athleticism made him a threat to take it to the hoop from literally any spot on the court, but he could also bury a jumper in your face just as easily. He was the first player in 20 years to put up 50-plus points in consecutive games, and on Christmas Day in 1984, he poured in 60. However, three months later, King tore his ACL and was forced to miss two entire years of action.

While he returned a less athletic player, King still found ways to get his points. He wasn’t just a body out on the floor; he was a 20-plus point-per-night scorer who made the All-Star team in 1991 and solidified his Hall of Fame resume. Considering that most ACL injuries back then ended careers, King’s recovery was nearly unprecedented.