Perhaps the most timeless storyline in sports is that of the comeback. Whether it's from a major deficit in a game, an injury, or an off-the-court circumstance, a player rebounding and bringing both himself and his team back into the limelight is a story that fans and the media alike eat up. While comebacks happen in all sports, the NBA seems to provide a disproportionate amount of these fairytale narratives.

Basketball is built on a unique combination of skill, effort, and luck; the most astonishing and surprising performances that the sport has ever seen often contain significant elements of each, creating a veritable perfect storm that allows for truly incredible moments to happen (where amazing happens, remember?). Whether it’s a player catching fire at a key moment or overcoming an insurmountable injury, victories in the face of seemingly impossible odds have become a staple of the game. These are The 10 Biggest Comeback Performances in NBA History.