If you think J.J. Watt should be in the MVP conversation, you do have a case. He's been recovering fumbles, bodying lesser men, and doing things that can be only described as "J.J. Watt stuff." Being a defensive end who catches more receiving touchdowns than wide receivers (Larry Fitzgerald and Keenan Allen) fits under the category of J.J. Watt stuff.

Today in the Texans' destruction of the Titans, Watt forced Jake Locker to fumble off a sack to put his team in position to score. However, Watt is so good that scoring isn't an extra highlight; it's whatever to him. So he finished what he started by grabbing his third touchdown off Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Let's not sleep on Fitzpatrick, because he was hot with six touchdowns. That's an irregularity, though; Watt being Watt is a weekly circumstance.

[via For The Win]