ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith gave a talk last night at the University of Florida and was paid a whole bunch of money to do it. So much money, in fact. $26.5K, to be exact. 

Indeed, Smith, the same guy who wanted to talk about the "elements of provocation" earlier this year, was paid many thousands of dollars to share his opinion with a bunch of impressionable undergraduates. Hey, you can't knock the hustle, we guess. 

Speaking on that "elements of provocation" comment though, Smith shared his thoughts on the week-long suspension he served as a result of his ill-advised remark. According to the Independent Florida Alligator, Smith told the audience that he felt that the punishment wasn't deserved.

Really, Stephen? Seems weird considering that you referred to that slip-up as the "most egregious error" of your career, doesn't it? How quickly things change.