The Warriors absolutely destroyed the Clippers last night to move to 4-0 on the season. The final score of the game was 121-104 but, truthfully, it could have been an even bigger blowout than that. Golden State was up 102-75 at the end of the third quarter and took their foot off the gas. And while there are plenty of highlights that we could show you to illustrate how bad things got for the Clips, we think the GIF above pretty much sums it up.

At one point during the third quarter, with the Warriors leading by 30, Draymond Green stuck his tongue out at Blake Griffin. And he left it out. He left it out for an uncomfortable amount of time and…DUDE, PUT THAT THING AWAY!

And then, @cjzero made this amazing Vine to make Green's troll move that much worse:

The Warriors and Clippers play again on Christmas Day. And something tells us BG won't forget this moment.

[via @cjzero]