NBA players love to play basketball. NFL players love to play football. MLB players love to play baseball. And NHL players love to play…well, we think you get the point. Professional athletes love to take part in the sports that they play. It’s why they dedicate pretty much every aspect of their lives—from what they eat to how much they sleep to when they train—to their respective sports. And it’s why they don’t have a whole lot of time to do much else during their playing days.

But that doesn’t mean that pro athletes don’t do anything else besides play sports. While they do spend most of their waking hours focused on their careers, there are a lot of pro athletes who also have other interests. So during the spare time that they do have, they pursue those interests and get involved with things that you might not often associate with them.

To prove this, we put together a list of What Your Favorite Athletes Do When They’re Not Playing Sports. From running businesses to painting pictures to fishing—yes, fishing!—you will probably be surprised by what some of your favorite athletes are into when they’re not competing.