In late September, Bradley Beal caused quite the stir among the NBA community and basketball fans alike when he proclaimed that John Wall and him are "definitely the best backcourt in the league." Eventually, Dion Waiters put forth his two cents, calling the claim "nonsense." Then, Stephen Curry got looped into the conversation, adding, “What was he supposed to say? I would have said the same thing (about us)." Through it all, the question still remained. Who has the best backcourt in the NBA right now? 

Could Beal be right in thinking that the Wizards guard duo is deserving of top honors? Are people overlooking Waiters and Kyrie Irving? Are they all underestimating the Splash Brothers? Obviously, there are more names not being mentioned here, so why waste our time just picking and choosing which ones to discuss? Let's just take them all on by Ranking All 30 Starting Backcourts in the NBA