Today Brett Lorenzo Favre celebrates his 45th year of life. Unfortunately, over the course of the last five or so, Brett has managed to tarnish some of the earlier shine of his career. There was the constant retiring/un-retiring that fed the ESPN machine for hours a day, the terrible late-game interceptions, and, of course, the dick pics.

But there's way more to Brett Favre than dick pics, cheap electric shaver commercials, and multiple retirements. Once upon a time, Brett Favre was not only one of the most exciting players in the NFL to watch, but statistically one of the greatest to ever line up behind center. There were Super Bowls and MVPs and emotional Monday Night victories long before there were reports of him texting his junk to a female reporter. And until Peyton Manning throws five more touchdowns, Brett is still the league's all-time leader in touchdown passes to go along with the dozens of his other passing records. How soon we all forget, right?

So, to honor the Gunslinger on his born day, we present 12 Reasons Why Brett Favre Deserves More Credit.