As you'd probably expect, Blake Griffin doesn't have too many fond memories of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. He just wrote a piece about him called "The Boss" for Derek Jeter's new site The Players' Tribune and, in it, he details some of the strangest things that he remembers about Sterling. Like the time that Sterling paraded Griffin through his annual White Party in Malibu in 2009 (while dressed in all black!) and introduced him to everyone. And the time that Sterling yelled at Baron Davis while he was shooting free throws. Those two particular stories have been told before (here and here), but BG goes into greater detail with them and really sells the idea of Sterling being a strange character.

If that doesn't come across in BG's stories, though, he also comes right out and calls Sterling strange while simultaneously bigging up the Clips' new owner Steve Ballmer. In his piece, he talks about how the media has reacted to Ballmer's enthusiasm with regards to the Clippers while also taking a shot at Sterling in the process.

"It's a little bit ironic to me that the media has tried to turn Ballmer into a meme when they turned a blind eye to Sterling for years," he writes. "Steve is a good dude. He's like a cool dad who gives you candy. Donald was like a weird uncle."

Griffin also discusses a few other things that he likes about being with the Clippers now that Sterling is out and Ballmer is in charge. For instance, he writes about how the Clippers training staff has been trying to obtain expensive body-scanning software for years now in order to allow them to keep tabs on how players' bodies develop over a season. Sterling steadfastly refused to sign off on the purchase, but Ballmer agreed to purchase the software, no questions asked, the first day he took over the team.

"When I walked into the trainer's room [for the first time this summer], the staff was going crazy," he writes. "They showed me the new body scanning software. Ballmer signed off on it Day 1."

You can read Griffin's entire piece here. But if you don't have the time to do it, we can sum it up for you like this: "Steve Ballmer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Donald Sterling." Just in case you didn't know that already.

[via The Players' Tribune]