There's another wrinkle to the Jerry Jones sex photo scandal. Here's what we knew before: Jones and two strippers posed for the photos in question. Those photos then somehow ended up in the hands of a crazy bro named Frank Hoover, who then tried to use the photos to blackmail Jones. As for the women in the photos, TMZ found out that both are strippers who partied with Jones about five years ago.

But as the case with every insane picture: Who took it? We often forget that in the instance of every photographed moment, there's always an alternate perspective to consider. The photographer's intentions, opinion, and interpretation of the event matters, even if they're literally un-pictured. 

Deadspin spoke with the lawyer of Jana Weckerly, who's the photographer of the Jones photos.

He claims that Weckerly was invited out for the night by the two strippers in the pictures. They all hung out in Jones's hotel room, got drunk (Weckerly was sober the whole time though), took a few silly photos in the bathroom, and went dancing. At the club, Jones made advances on Weckerly, trying to seduce her by offering to put his Super Bowl ring on her finger. She wasn't about that life, so Jones got fed up with her and had his goons forcibly remove her from the club. That all really pissed her off, and now we have this.

Weckerly's lawyer also told Deadspin that she gave the Jones photos to Kevion Hickman—a man who appears in Hoover's extortion plot—but has no idea how they ended up going from Hickman's hands to Hoover's.

The full press reelease from Weckerly is below.

Weckerly Press Release


[via Deadspin]