Earlier this week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was all over the Internet thanks to the scandalous photos that you see posted above. The photos—which were first published on Terez Owens—featured Jones posing with a couple of young women and were reportedly leaked by someone who allegedly tried to extort Jones out of some money. And now, we have some more info about the two ladies who were hanging out with Jones on the night the photos were taken.

TMZ Sports caught up with Lindzie (the blonde girl in the first photo) and Jordan (the brunette in the second photo) to find out more about when and, more importantly, why the photos were taken. And both of them say that they were not part of any extortion plot. Rather, they claim that they are both strippers who work in Texas and who were invited to party with Jones about five years ago, which is when the photos were taken. They don't really remember a lot about what happened that night—they told TMZ Sports that "there was a lot of alcohol involved"—but they do know that the photos were taken by one of their female friends and that they were taken without Jones' consent. So at the moment, both women have obtained lawyers and are going to try their best to get the photos removed from the Internet.

Good luck with that. At this point, the photos of Jones and the girls are everywhere—and it's unlikely that they're going to be able to erase them from the Web completely. But the women told TMZ Sports that they're afraid that Jones might try to take legal action against them, so they're going to try to disassociate themselves from the photos as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to see if Jones takes any legal action against the girls—or anyone else—in the near future.

[via TMZ Sports]