J.R. Smith, staring down the barrel of being a 30-year-old swing man a year from today, will remain eclectic far beyond his currently youthful and overly exuberant state. He's J.R. Smith, so you know he's going to be taking shots forever. His erratic behavior on and off the court will continue, because a shooter like J.R. chucks his way into his lows and swishes back into his highs.

In the public eye, he's going up and down and up and down and further down and way up again—while in his world, he claims to be a centered man. J.R. sets his own standards for stability and calm. Given that the New York Knicks  have been a chaotic mess for years now, his team and this city will continue to bring out J.R.'s dynamism. On his 29th birthday, see how his eventful life has unfolded with the help of 29 Things You Probably Don't Know About J.R. Smith