The NY Post recently reported that J.R. Smith "spent some of the $24 million he scored in a four-year deal with the New York Knicks on a flashy new armored truck." The truck in question is a $450,000 military armored Gurkha F5, and J.R. was seen hopping out of the driver's seat in New York's Meatpacking District where he parked it to grab some grub...but according to Beyond the Buzzer, it's not his. The truck is said to belong to a rap group named SBOE (Slow Bucks Over Everything), as evidenced by photos of it on Smith's Instagram with their logo on the side.

Armored trucks seem to be making a comeback these days: Meek Mill posed on one, Kanye and Kim just got a couple, and of course Floyd Mayweather drives the most extreme armored vehicle we've ever seen. So did J.R. Smith join the team or was it a loan? We're not sure, but if we had a friend with a beastly vehicle like this we would not hesistate to take it for a testdrive.  

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[via NYPost/BeyondtheBuzzer]


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