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Recently, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show wondered what would happen if they put a bunch of Redskins fan who don't want their team to change its name into a room with a bunch of Native Americans who can't stand the Redskins' name. So they sat down with both groups of people—separately—to talk to them about the idea of the Redskins changing their name…and then brought them together at the end of their interviews to talk out their problems. The result is the clip above, which is every bit as awkward and uncomfortable as it sounds like it would be.

It's worth noting that the way that The Daily Show went about getting the two groups together has come under criticism over the course of the last week. It seems the four Redskins fans who were handpicked by The Daily Show to appear on the segment didn't realize that they would be coming face-to-face with Native Americans, and they spoke to the Washington Post about their experience late last week and revealed that they felt ambushed on the show. But that didn't stop Stewart from airing the clip after addressing the controversy surrounding it on last night's episode of The Daily Show.

Watch the segment to see how the situation played out. It's kind of a shame that we didn't get to see more footage of the two sides interacting—maybe The Daily Show chose not to air much of their meeting because of the controversy that it caused?—but it's definitely still worth a look.

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