NBA legend and sports analyst on Inside the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal, can now add Police Officer to his many titles. Last Wednesday, the former Orlando Magic center applied to become a member of Dorale, Florida's police squad and, according to the Miami Herald, O'Neal will have to undergo the same standards of testing as every other officer in order to be certified. 

If any of you can recall, this isn't his first time enforcing the law. Back in 2005, Shaq served as a reserve officer in Miami and was awarded the title of Honorary U.S Deputy Marshall. Additionally, The Diesel played a cop in Adam Sandler's 2013 comedy Grown Ups 2, so it's safe to say he has some experience in the field.

Here's hoping that becoming a member of the Florida police squad is some sort of preparation for a sequel to Shaq's 1996 film debut, Kazaam

[via The Miami Herald]