This is disappointing to say, but I don't think Rasheed Wallace will be within the sight-line of any NBA cameras this season. For the first time since 1995, we may endure an entire season of NBA basketball without having Sheed in our lives. He's been retired from playing since 2013, but many of us enjoyed seeing him coach on the Pistons' staff last season. With Stan van Gundy taking the reigns in Detroit, Sheed was unceremoniously not re-hired. It's a shame that the NBA's King of Technical Fouls will probably spend this season at home when—even at 40-years-old today—he still brings so much energy to the game. 

Although we're faced with the agony of not seeing Wallace do bat-shit crazy stuff on an NBA court anymore, we can take solace in the fact that there are plenty of GIFs out there to remember him by. And because your work life can become as hectic as Sheed's NBA life, keep these 15 Rasheed Wallace GIFs You Should Use to Respond to Work Emails handy.