Days after recording the play of his career (a fourth quarter interception to seal a Cowboys victory over the Rams), Dallas cornerback Morris Claiborne "stormed out of" the teams practice facility after being informed that he was losing his starting spot to Orlando Scandrick. The scene came hours after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a candid statement about the team's 2012 first round draft pick, which was best summed up by this tweet:

Claiborne's interception overshadowed a pretty poor game from the defensive back, even saying in his own words that he "stunk it up." Because of that blunt self-assessment we're not really sure what tonight's drama was about. But apparently the demotion irked Claiborne to the point where he decided to skip the team's walk-through, before angrily leaving. This move leaves the franchise with the option to fine him for both missing practice as well as throwing a bitch fit "conduct detrimental to the team".

[via ESPN/Twitter]