The Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather saga is never coming to an end. Most people are resigned to the fact that, no matter what rumors we hear, they will never square off in the ring, but that fact hasn't stopped Pacquiao from taking little verbal jabs here and there. In early September, Pacquiao insinuated Mayweather was "not educated" and now, after hearing Money confess that some portions of his Showtime All Access reality TV show are staged, Manny is back at it again. Check out what he had to say on Twitter. 

Look at Pac-Man going directly at Floyd with that tweet. While we're fully expecting both sides to not take this particular feud to the ring, we are still refreshing our timeline like... 

We'll keep you updated, if Mayweather responds. 

[via Manny Pacquiao]