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LeBron James sat down with CNN's Rachel Nichols recently for an interview that will air on Friday night. And during that interview, the two discussed the diet that LeBron went on this summer in order to lose a ton of weight.

LeBron revealed that he cut all carbs, sugar, and dairy from his diet for 67 days in order to shed quite a few pounds (he didn't say exactly how much weight he lost). But he also revealed that he missed certain "bad" foods, like pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream. He missed them so much that he says he dreamed about them during his diet.

"All the time," he told Nichols. "I had the Cookie Monster chasing me a few times in my dreams."

It sounds like the sacrifice paid off, though. During the interview, he also told Nichols that he's quicker on the court now.

"I am," he said. "And that's not such a good thing for the competition."

Nichols' entire interview with LeBron will air on CNN's Unguarded on Friday at 10:30 p.m. You can watch an excerpt from the interview in the clip above.

[via Eye on Basketball]