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How much is an athlete indebted to tip someone? Should it proportional to the check like every other human being, or should it be proportional to their net worth? These questions have been a point of contention lately following the 20-cent tip that LeSean McCoy left a waiter in Philadelphia last week for what he claimed was poor service. 

The latest culprit is Floyd Mayweather Jr., who cleared $32M in his victory over Marcos Maidana over the weekend. Not a bad payday for Mayweather, right? Unfortunately, according to a waitress who served him at Rehab at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas on Sunday, Mayweather wasn't willing to share the wealth. 

The waitress, named Nik Nyugen, claimed that Mayweather walked into the club with about 150 people, and ordered over $23K in alcohol and food. However, Mayweather didn't pay a cent. The hotel ended up comping him for the service, and, whether out of ignorance or a lack of empathy, Mayweather decided not to leave Nyugen any sort of tip. 

TMZ Sports reports that Nyugen works two jobs, and was dealt a recent personal blow with the death of her father. Meanwhile, Money Mayweather continues to get paid. But should Floyd have left a courtesy tip? Or was he free to walk away since the bottles were comped? Either way, it's time to set a bar for this sort of thing.