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If you watched the Bears/49ers game last night, then you noticed two things: One, Brandon Marshall is an absolute beast. And two, the referees for the game threw a lot of flags. Like, seriously. It felt like a flag was flying on every single play.

One of those flags was not like the rest, though. That's because one flag, which was thrown in the fourth quarter of the game after Colin Kaepernick threw an interception to Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller, was thrown because Kaepernick allegedly used "inappropriate language." And it was the first "inappropriate language" penalty issued in league history.

So what did the 49ers quarterback say to deserve such a penalty? Did he use the N-word as some people on Twitter suggested? Or did he say this:


Or even this (ha!):

After the game, Kaepernick said that he didn't say any of those things. In fact, he said that he didn't say anything at all. But it's clear that he said something and that, in doing so, he made NFL history. It just wasn't the kind of history that he was planning on making.

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