Last week we gave you the 25 Best Finishing Moves in Wrestling History, and as we learned in school: "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." We're pretty sure Isaac Newton was referencing physics pro wrestling with that quote and so here — as is the natural order of things — is that reaction. One thing most of the older moves have in common is a level of dissatisfaction that our young hearts couldn't process at such an early stage in life. The others are current and (in our nostalgic opinions) can't hold up to the grapplers of wrestling's past. Either way these terrible moves are good for any kids who may be watching; learning disappointment at a young age will only prep them for the daily realities of adulthood. These are the 25 Worst Finishing Moves in Pro Wrestling History.

Note: This list is heavy (if not entirely) made up of WWF/WWE moves. The reason? Well besides the fact that it would take a couple years to research every finishing move in a "pro" league, you can't really hold guys making gas money to the same standard as the WWE.