If you stand in line for the Madden video game every year, then you know how much the game has changed over the course of the last 25-plus years. The game used to look nothing like an actual NFL game. But now, a game of Madden looks almost identical to the NFL games that are on your TV screen on Sunday afternoons.

To show how much things have changed, videographer Michael Bromberg put together a clip showing "The Evolution of Madden" recently. The entire video is based on the winning drive that Steve Young and the 49ers made against the Packers during the 1998 NFL Playoffs. But it uses Madden games from all different years to show how the game looks today compared to what it used to look like.

Press play and see the evolution of Madden take place in one two-minute drive. It's cool to see everything that's changed since the game was first introduced.

[via YouTube]