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No surprise here: Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player when he was in high school. In the video above—which was just unearthed by Lakers Nation—you can see highlights from a game that featured the Black Mamba scoring 29 points in the second half to lead Lower Merion High School to a 75-70 playoff win.

What is kind of surprising here, though, is that because Kobe only scored six points in the first half of the game, he's barely even in the first half of the highlights. You can catch glimpses of him every now and then. But for the most part, guys from the opposing team are the ones getting the shine at the beginning of the clip.

Once Kobe went off, though, and led his team to a victory, all eyes were squarely on him. So after the game, he did an interview and it's so crazy to watch Kobe talk about getting a hard-fought victory. The interview is about two decades old now, and yet, Kobe has the same hunger and drive in his voice that he has in it now. He also made quite a few faces like this during it:

Looks familiar, right?

Watch the clip to see what we're talking about. This is must-see TV if you're a fan of Kobe.

[via Lakers Nation]