Sadly, a 28-year-old Texas man named Christopher Coronado passed away last week in a town called Mesquite after he was involved in a tragic car accident. He was hit by a tractor trailer while he was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed and died very unexpectedly. And according to Busted Coverage, Coronado's family is dealing with his death in a really unique way.

Apparently, Coronado was a huge LeBron James fan. One of the last tweets that he ever sent out involved LeBron:

So rather than holding a traditional funeral for Coronado this week, his family decided to hold a LeBron-themed funeral. It appears as though people who attended his funeral were asked to wear LeBron clothing. Coronado was buried in a LeBron jersey. And LeBron jerseys—from his days in both Cleveland and Miami—adorned the casket before Coronado was taken to his final resting place, as you can see in the photo above. It was all very…different. Definitely not what you would expect from a funeral.

But Coronado's family didn't stop there. In addition to holding a LeBron-themed funeral, Coronado's family and friends have also taken to Twitter to try and get @KingJames to acknowledge Coronado. There's been no response from LeBron yet. But here are some of the tweets that have been sent this week:

Obviously, R.I.P. to the deceased. But doesn't all of this kind of creep you out?

[via Busted Coverage]