Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne is 35 years old and quickly closing in on the end of his NFL career right now. But apparently, the six-time Pro Bowler wants to prove to everyone that he's still got a little bit of gas left in the tank.

So earlier today, Wayne arrived at Colts training camp at Anderson University in Indiana and turned plenty of heads thanks to the car he pulled up in. Unlike in 2009 when he pulled up in a dump truck wearing a hard hat, Wayne was escorted to training camp in an IndyCar today. Take a look for yourself:

Talk about making a statement!

Wayne told reporters who were gathered at the Colts camp that he's been medically cleared to participate in all team activities going forward—he suffered a torn ACL last season—but we got his message loud and clear from the second his IndyCar drove onto the scene. This guy is clearly ready to go.

[via For The Win]