No Kobe Bryant, No Problem: Los Angeles Lakers Were the Most Profitable NBA Team Last Season

Even though they went through the worst year

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This past season, the Los Angeles Lakers posted their worst record since moving to Cali, going 27-55. But, believe it or not, it wasn't all bad for the Lake Show. According to a memo given to every team from the league, the Lakers were the most profitable franchise during the 2013-14 season after raking in an astronomical $158.3 million prior to tax and revenue sharing. That mark is well above the Chicago Bulls who came in second on the list, pulling in $75.7 million

After forking over $8.7 million in luxury taxes and $49.6 million for the NBA's revenue sharing, the Lakers' profits will stand at $100.1 million. Not a bad haul for a team which played a majority of the season without their star player, Kobe Bryant.

Now, could you imagine the Lakers' total revenue if they are able to convince Carmelo Anthony to play alongside Kobe?


Let 'em know, Kobe! Let 'em know. 

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