Being Marcin Gortat is effortless. That is, if you take his Instagram at face value and assume that nothing's working below the surface.

The 30-year-old Polish center just signed a five-year, $60 million contract to stay with the Washington Wizards, which should ostensibly encourage a (relatively) more baller Instagram, if that's possible. Because while Gortat definitely isn't one of the NBA's star personalities (ESPN's Brian Windhorst unfortunately can't make a career out of reporting Marcin Gortat free agency speculation), he's one of the league's biggest IG stars. The Polish Hammer's level of finesse is rare for a big man and his happy-go-lucky social media attitude makes his version of the NBA lifestyle far more down to earth. So go ahead and see the world from a new perspective through our Life According to Marcin Gortat's Instagram Feed gallery.