LeBron James is easily the most powerful person in the entire NBA right now. At the moment, you could even argue that he's more powerful than NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. But did you know that, according to Forbes, LeBron is more powerful than your favorite celebrities, too?

Yesterday, Forbes released their list of the 100 most powerful celebrities. And while Beyoncé was ranked No. 1 on the list—well ahead of her husband Jay Z, who landed at No. 6 on the list—LeBron was right behind her at No. 2. He beat out a handful of other really powerful celebrities, including Dr. Dre (No. 3), Oprah (No. 4), Ellen DeGeneres (No. 5), and Rihanna (No. 8). And outside of Floyd Mayweather Jr. (No. 7), he was the only athlete to land in the top 10. Forbes cited the $72 million that LeBron reportedly made last year as well as all of the hoopla that he's created by opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat this summer as the main reasons for them ranking him so high on this year's list.

Do you think that LeBron deserved to be ranked ahead of people like Dr. Dre, Oprah, and Jay Z on the list? And do you think there's any way he'll ever be able to top Beyoncé and claim the No. 1 spot? If he plays his cards right—and adds a couple more rings to his fingers—he's definitely got a shot.

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