The Ford Fiesta has gained a lot of popularity here in the States, especially with recognition of the Fiesta ST as one of the best hot hatches (one you can actually afford) and one of the most fun cars to drive, period. I mean, people are literally trading in supercars for these STs. And it appears that the U.S. might be a little late to the party (if you consider not buying a car because it wasn't quality late).

Ford announced that the Fiesta is officially the best-selling car ever in the history of the United Kingdom, now marked at 4,115,000 sales, passing up the Ford Escort, which sold 4,105,961 from 1968 through 2000. The Fiesta has been on the market since 1976, and it has been the top-selling U.K. car since 2009. Excuse us while we go celebrate by watching Ken Block hoon in his Gymkhana Fiesta

[via Ford]