Yesterday was former Notre Dame football player Daniel Smith's birthday. And for his birthday, he received a very special present. He got to sit back and watch his girlfriend Skylar Diggins kiss Drake at the 2014 ESPY Awards!

Er, okay, so that's probably not what he wanted for his 23rd birthday. But it's what he received. And as a result of the kiss, he also received lots and lots and lots of tweets from people who were watching the ESPYs last night. Most of those tweets featured people saying things like, "Bro, did you just see that?!" (trust us, he saw!). But some of them were also downright disrespectful.

To see what we mean, click through to check out some of the most disrespectful tweets that Smith received last night. It's probably safe to say that he had a looooooong talk with Skylar after the ESPYs show ended.

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