Where is LeBron James going to sign this summer? That's the question that everyone is asking right now. And it feels like everyone has a different answer.

At the moment, there are dozens and dozens of sports reporters working the LeBron beat and trying to get insider information about his free agency. And while very few of them seem to be having any luck getting new info on LeBron, we did come across two really ridiculous pieces of LeBron-related "news" over the weekend.

First, someone who works for an Ohio-based cupcake shop called Caroline's Cupcakes took to the store's Facebook page on Saturday to add to the LeBron rumor mill by posting this status update to the social networking site:

Ridiculous? Um, yes. The idea of a cupcake shop—a cupcake shop!—breaking news on LeBron is pretty damn ridiculous. But really, is it anymore ridiculous than what ESPN's Chris Broussard posted on Twitter last night? He started by posting this tweet, which seemed to indicate that he knew LeBron was thinking about heading back to Cleveland:

But a short time later, he revealed that that tweet wasn't actually based on any facts. Instead, it was more of a "gut feeling" on his part:

And then, he sent out one more tweet, in which he said that he believed the "wind is blowing" LeBron back to Cleveland right now:

Uhhh, "the wind"? Okay? Whatever that means! And naturally, Twitter had a field day with Broussard's tweets:

So we have to ask: Who do you trust more with regards to the LeBron free agency story right now—a cupcake shop or Chris Broussard? This should be interesting...

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[via Uproxx]