Last night at UFC 175, Chris Weidman successfully defended his middleweight title against Lyoto Machida, taking a unanimous decision after a fascinating five rounds.

Weidman was able to win the fight by continuously peppering Machida with jab after jab, out-striking his opponent 90-63 over the course of the fight. He also utilized the ground game rather effectively, taking Machida down to the mat on five separate occasions.

The fourth round so Machida land one of his signature karate-style kicks and temporarily stun Weidman, and in the fifth Machida continued his aggressive tactics knowing only a knockout would win him the belt. Weidman managed to hold on, however, and seems primed for a showdown with Vitor Belfort next.

The other main event was far less competitive, as Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey defeated Alexis Davis by TKO in just 16 seconds. Don’t believe us? Here’s the entire fight:

The win moves Rousey to 10-0 for her career, and is the second-fastest knockout in the history of UFC. After watching this, there is no amount of money in the world you could pay us to get in the ring with her.

[via ESPN]